Definition of sucker punch in US English:

sucker punch


  • An unexpected punch or blow.

    • ‘Levein felt his side had been hit by a sucker punch at the death and while Hearts may have just had the edge on play, they repeatedly gave the ball away and seemed to have no idea how to break down a resolute defence.’
    • ‘One aggravated customer almost received a sucker punch from the mild-mannered Bridget but instead, he got his order.’
    • ‘The act itself - Bertuzzi mugging Moore from behind with a sucker punch to the head, then falling on his unconscious target - was shocking, horrifying and downright scary.’
    • ‘Rachel flipped her self over to be on her back and was face to face with Curtis seeing the rage growing in his eyes and the blood trickling down his chin from the sucker punch that Rachel had given him seconds ago.’
    • ‘But when I saw that guy, it was like a sucker punch.’
    • ‘Chelsea was about to pounce on Noah but Hailey held her back. ‘He deserves a sucker punch, the blasphemous oaf.’’
    • ‘Summers was down from the sucker punch these media dogs had engineered, but if they wanted to keep him out, they shouldn't have left his mike on.’
    • ‘The game should have been dead and buried before half-time, but we fell to a sucker punch.’
    • ‘Prospero scuppered Ferdinand's plans with an educated looping right which caused him to drop his rifle and collapse to his knees like a prize fighter caught with a sucker punch - not sure of where he was.’
    • ‘In training camp, he crushed the eyesocket of a teammate with a sucker punch and by the end of the season he was ensnared in the THG drug scandal and contemplating retirement after a series of concussions.’
    • ‘So the melodramatic passions, the obsessions and the compulsions, seemed to arrive by ambush, like a sucker punch.’
    • ‘When you're used to being patted on the back all the time, a devastating counterargument feels like a sucker punch.’
    • ‘‘We got hit by a sucker punch with the first,’ Allardyce admitted.’
    • ‘Those closely following local art events have come to see Lin's new brainchild as her comeback on the art scene and a sucker punch to the third Taipei Biennial, slated to begin in the same week.’
    • ‘Staar was still recovering from the sucker punch he'd received.’
    • ‘Two minutes before half time came the sucker punch.’
    • ‘Just as Airdrie would have been resigning themselves to settling for a point they were left reeling by a sucker punch that will be hard to beat for the remaining 364 days of the year.’
    • ‘Pushing ensued and then O'Neal made like the other O'Neal and threw a sucker punch.’
    • ‘He hit the ropes and came back with a devastating sucker punch.’
    • ‘That significant cultural artifact, The National Enquirer, delivered a sucker punch to my solar plexus today when I read, stunned.’


[with object]
  • Hit (someone) with an unexpected punch or blow.

    ‘Joe sucker-punched him and knocked him out’
    • ‘On one assignment, I decided to sucker-punch my favorite teacher.’
    • ‘Killorglin pushed on hard from the beginning of the second half and took the game to their opponents but were sucker-punched when another counter-attacking move resulting with the ball in the Killorglin net.’
    • ‘He was sucker-punched, a bottle was broken over his right eye, a knife was plunged through the back of his leather jacket six inches deep into his body and he received 10 other stab wounds.’
    • ‘There was disappointment but everybody around us was saying a draw's not too bad and then we got sucker-punched.’
    • ‘Showing up in his infamous purple suspenders and chomping a cigar, Mr. Kyanka marked his entrance by sucker-punching our waitress in the stomach.’
    • ‘Giles staggered to the sofa and sank down on it, looking like a man who'd been sucker-punched.’
    • ‘Jerred dodged away from the blow, sucker-punching Denny in the stomach.’
    • ‘Her songs lead you to believe that they're simple jazzy ballads, right before sucker-punching you in the gut with a swirl of drums and electric guitar.’
    • ‘If a driver is not allowed to defend himself after being sucker-punched by a member of his crew, then there are bigger issues in the garage than the oversaturation of fans seeking autographs.’
    • ‘Kiara quickly glided over to me and Snake and she sucker-punched him in the stomach, and then in the groin.’
    • ‘After a spectacular climax to the sequence, we are sucker-punched by a cliche.’
    • ‘I tried to sucker-punch the heck out of him, but he ducked quickly, slipping out of my slack grip bemusedly and dodging a second attempt of mine.’
    • ‘Following his lengthy convalescence from a life-threatening bout of pancreatitis, the former PM was sucker-punched earlier this month by an explosive new book, written by a man whom he apparently considered to be his friend.’
    • ‘I don't mean to sucker-punch every coach's son - just the ones who deserve it.’
    • ‘That said, however, some of what's going on unpunished is pretty crazy - a fellow got sucker-punched and has brain damage now, and it was ‘just a couple of boys having fun’ who then ran away.’
    • ‘At that moment Jed came from out of the blue, pulled me away from Leo, and sucker-punched him right in the jaw.’
    • ‘Unfortunately for them, Republican men don't react favorably to two ‘Deliverance’ boys trying to sucker-punch a 110-pound female in a skirt and heels.’
    • ‘It's been nine years since we split up, and I still feel like I just got sucker-punched in the stomach.’
    • ‘I think Democrats were sucker-punched on the timing of this escalation.’
    • ‘Cart is an accomplished bar-brawler with rib-breaking fists and a favorite strategy of opening the fight by sucker-punching his victim from behind.’
    strike, slap, smack, cuff, punch, beat, thrash, thump, batter, belabour, drub, hook, pound, smash, slam, welt, pummel, hammer, bang, knock, swat, whip, flog, cane, sucker-punch, rain blows on, give someone a beating, give someone a drubbing, give someone a good beating, give someone a good drubbing, box someone's ears
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sucker punch

/ˈsəkər pəntʃ/