Definition of suck someone dry in US English:

suck someone dry


  • Exhaust someone's physical, material, or emotional resources.

    • ‘So what keeps me here on Long Island, in a place where I can barely afford to live, where the house we bought one year ago this week cost nearly half a million dollars and sucks us dry with property and school taxes?’
    • ‘The government, the university and the corporations involved must work very hard to put people with little money into a significant and glorious debt and suck them dry for 10 years ensuing.’
    • ‘The empty state coffers, both literally and figuratively, combined with the raised public expectations, reveal how much Georgia has been sucked dry by state bribery and gangland criminality.’
    • ‘I kicked my girlfriend out of my apartment at college because since we moved in together she has been sucking me dry of money.’
    • ‘She left my apartment and as soon as she was out the door, so was I. I walked across Bleeker and down West 4th to the square and I passed some of the NYU buildings that sucked me dry of my humanity.’
    • ‘Now the mortgage is finally paid off and he no longer has any children sucking him dry for allowance, tuition and other costly fees.’
    • ‘They are all destitute, since the corporation has already sucked them dry.’
    • ‘They've ripped out our hearts and sucked us dry financially.’
    • ‘Of course, when your company is based upon the idea of your customers sucking you dry via a multi-level marketing scheme, there's nowhere to go but up.’
    • ‘No problem, Bob: the ruling classes are sucking us dry, and the sooner the workers wrest the means of production from them and reclaim their dignity, the better.’
    drain, exhaust, sap, deplete, deprive, milk, bleed, fleece, empty, reduce, squeeze
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