Definition of suchlike in US English:



  • Things of the type mentioned.

    ‘carpets, old chairs, tables, and suchlike’
    • ‘On a practical note you can purchase insurance, phonecards, rail passes and suchlike from the Travel Store, and all the Rough Guides are available to buy as e-books (Microsoft or Adobe).’
    • ‘I can be found amongst this motley crew, whenever I go to a conference or suchlike, I am always scanning the itinerary for suitable gaps in which I can seek an exit to have a quick nicotine ‘fix’.’
    • ‘just chipping in to say, I see nothing wrong per se with running rituals and suchlike for non magicians.’
    • ‘Many people have a right of entry to our homes - to read meters and suchlike - and people in council houses, particularly, are subject to the erratic arrival of workmen who may or may not be council employees.’
    • ‘Massive aquatic centres and suchlike with massive parking lots aren't what London needs.’
    • ‘There will be signings and readings and suchlike in the UK and Dublin in the week between Edinburgh and Edinburgh, promise.’
    • ‘Those people may have made statements and suchlike in circumstances where they felt their views would be privileged and protected.’
    • ‘I explained that the cheques were in my bag because I always kept a few with me to cover the cost of office supplies and suchlike and that I had seen no reason to take them out just because I was going to spend a few hours in Michigan.’
    • ‘‘We believe they are frequently stolen ‘on demand’ to make garden patios and suchlike.’
    • ‘Bread should be a feast to the eye as well, and Jaro had spent hours carving roses and suchlike on them.’
    • ‘Who could blame the truants, I thought - the sun was shining, there wasn't a breath of wind and a lovely swell was still rolling through - far too much of a distraction to be messing around with work, education and suchlike.’
    • ‘If you would like to help, on a voluntary basis, by supplying information about any aspect of Sligo Town, be it tourist information, local histories, local news stories or suchlike, we would be delighted to hear from you.’
    • ‘I recommend that the department spend quite some time in making sure that individuals are aware of that provision, otherwise they will become liable to penalties and suchlike, should it fail to do so.’
    • ‘It appears to consist of him turning up at factory gates and pointing off into the middle distance, at some pipes or cables or suchlike, and mouthing platitudes about ‘jobs and prosperity’.’
    • ‘I mean, the police used to pick up zines and suchlike from radical bookshops in the 80s so maybe there's somebody in a room somewhere whose paid to bum around the net all day watching out for ‘subversives’.’
    • ‘And I would have cut dead any discussion of proposals and suchlike if I did not love him.’
    • ‘Now, look around you at the steaming piles of baby clothes, towelling nappies and suchlike on every desk, cupboard, radiator, hat stand, wall planner and trouser press.’
    • ‘Amputations and suchlike in the hospitals are seen very briefly as people push through the crowds of injured and dying.’
    • ‘Then, of course, I was writing more and more journalism, so a lot of jokes and suchlike that might have gone into lighter poems went into reviewing.’
    • ‘When you advise on CVs and suchlike for a living it's painful to dredge through them when actually recruiting.’


  • Of the type mentioned.

    ‘food, drink, clothing, and suchlike provisions’
    • ‘They included a horde of diversity co-ordinators, community liaison officers, social inclusion officers and suchlike hierarchs of the priesthood of political correctness.’
    • ‘The Republicans have promoted a powerful variant on populism aimed at an elite of politicians, professors, artsy-fartsy types, and suchlike specimens.’
    • ‘Speaking as a foreign national, in this post 911 world I find it hard enough to get into the US with a valid green card, and am always rather nervous about accidentally bringing fruit or suchlike contraband into the country.’
    • ‘Church collections, school outings, Boy Scout subscriptions and so on came out of the family purse: subscriptions to the Beano, the purchase of liquorice bootlaces and suchlike fripperies were our own affair.’
    • ‘These would require to be very different in character from the Garter, the Bath and suchlike English honours with almost unseemly domestic titles.’