Definition of succulence in US English:



  • See succulent

    • ‘But his dreams have grown fantastical with desire. Fat ripe fruits bursting through their own skin, meats swollen with succulence, breads, gooey puddings and rich and steaming delights of all kinds.’
    • ‘Not wanting to give the prince anything of dubious taste or quality, she bit into each fruit first to be sure of its succulence and sweetness and only then gave it to Rama who ate it with great relish and granted her salvation.’
    • ‘The herb mash was a tad too firm, although tasty enough, but that was more than made up for by the sheer quality, freshness and succulence of fish that virtually dissolved as the fork hit the mouth.’
    • ‘It's difficult to overstate the succulence of lusciously tender sea scallops in a fragrant herb-and-lillet sauce or the yin-yang of dense, gamy duck confit tossed against crisp greens.’
    • ‘The fat gives a sausage its characteristic succulence and texture.’