Definition of succinic acid in US English:

succinic acid


  • A crystalline organic acid which occurs in living tissue as an intermediate in glucose metabolism.

    Chemical formula: HOOC(CH₂)₂COOH

    • ‘Like these two principal grape acids, pure succinic acid is a white crystalline solid that is very soluble in water and alcoholic water solutions such as wine.’
    • ‘Where indicated YPD was buffered to pH 5.5 with 5 mM succinic acid and supplemented with CaCl 2.’
    • ‘This alcohol was then conjugated to one of the COOH groups of succinic acid, forming an ester linkage.’
    • ‘Cells were then washed twice with distilled water and incubated further for 5 hr in an equal volume of yeast extract-peptone media containing 2% (w/v) glycerol and 1% succinic acid.’
    • ‘I should be very grateful if you could send me a portion of the succinic acid which you used to prepare the paratartaric acid.’


Late 18th century: succinic from French succinique, from Latin succinum ‘amber’ (from which it was first derived).


succinic acid

/səkˌsinik ˈasid/