Definition of successiveness in US English:



  • See successive

    • ‘This is a successiveness that becomes real only when the succession is completed.’
    • ‘In order to achieve the object described above, according to one aspect of this invention, given data is compressed on the basis of the successiveness of identical patterns in one-byte unit as by the prior art method and after that the information thus obtained by the compression described above is rearranged so that it can be again compressed and compressed once more.’
    • ‘What you need is to represent a successiveness in the series of appearances, and in the successiveness you need to represent an existence which follows from the non-existent, and hence you need to represent a change.’
    • ‘For in all change there is successiveness, one part coming after another, and from our numbering antecedent and consequent parts of change there arises the notion of time, which is simply the numberedness of before and after in change.’
    • ‘This inadequacy is partly inherent in the fact that our terms and categories belong to discourse taken from this world of space, time, and successiveness.’