Definition of succès de scandale in US English:

succès de scandale


  • A success due to notoriety or a thing's scandalous nature.

    ‘in France the book had quite a succès de scandale’
    • ‘You begin with a couple of splashy outrages that create a succès de scandale, and get the sensation hunters, the phonies, and the sheep - a goodly part of the audience - salivating about you.’
    • ‘In spite of its radical nature, Jeux was overshadowed in Diaghilev's Ballets Russes season by the succès de scandale of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring a fortnight later.’
    • ‘A cult hit at London's BAC, containing a reported 8,000 obscenities, it became a succès de scandale after being picked up by the National Theatre, transferring to the West End and finally being broadcast by BBC2.’
    • ‘He and I devised a gameshow satire. It was a succès de scandale and it caused the most tremendous fuss.’
    • ‘The habit came to a titillating head at the College of Architecture, University of Houston, when, in a succès de scandale, he shamelessly copied plans by eighteenth-century architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.’


French, literally ‘success of scandal’.


succès de scandale

/səkˌsā də ˌskänˈdäl/