Definition of succah in US English:


(also sukkah)


  • A temporary shelter covered in natural materials, built near a synagogue or house and used especially for meals during the Jewish festival of Succoth.

    • ‘A sukkah has rickety walls and a roof of branches; it doesn't even protect us from the elements.’
    • ‘Yet for all that, the Jew sitting in his sukkah will look up at the heavens and be at peace.’
    • ‘In the sukkah we eat, drink and sleep, and basically live an ordinary physical life.’
    • ‘And we sit in a sukkah, the tabernacle itself, which is just a shed, a shack, open to the sky, with just a covering of leaves for a roof.’
    • ‘Throughout the holiday, we are required to spend as much time as possible in the sukkah, and to treat it as our home.’


Late 19th century: from Hebrew sukkāh ‘hut’.