Definition of subway in US English:



  • 1North American An underground electric railroad.

    • ‘Public transportation remains most common in big cities where it is simply not possible to get along without buses, streetcars, subways and commuter trains.’
    • ‘The subway and light railway can transport people to every corner of the city quickly.’
    • ‘Commuter railways and subways all around the country are on heightened alert as the evening rush hour begins.’
    • ‘The multi-unit Viennese trams, buses and subways operate on the honor system.’
    • ‘The area desperately needs a first-rate transportation system to replace the subways and rapid transit trains that once fed thousands of people a day into the World Trade Center.’
    • ‘She could see the light from the station up ahead and feel the subway car slowing to greet it.’
    • ‘All ten of us were present and accounted for as we went down into the subway station for our next ride.’
    • ‘I walked down the stairs of the subway station to get the train that would leave in a few minutes.’
    • ‘Quite recently ten well-dressed men were fined two dollars each for spitting in one of the subway stations.’
    • ‘Nodes can belong to any of several networks the way a subway station can be a stop on any of several lines.’
    • ‘Most of the students select malls, bridges, metro subways, places like that.’
    • ‘He found the nearest Underground station he jumped on board the subways, known to Londoners as the Tube, and stopped near the Underground map.’
    • ‘I met Ed Findlay before he went on his own way on the subways and then to Toronto.’
    • ‘Several elevators and escalators are available for use to reach the street level and the connection to the NYC subways.’
    • ‘With that, she headed straight to the subway station and paid a dollar for a ticket.’
    • ‘The next thing I knew I was in a subway station walking in a line of a lot of people.’
    • ‘In 10 years time, the system will comprise 16 subways and six light railways.’
    • ‘And even after two weeks there were still posters of her face up in the subway stations.’
    • ‘The new dream is being shaped by a growing transit network of light-rail lines, subways, commuter rail and buses running in dedicated lanes.’
    • ‘They sat outside, near the subway station, eating and talking about the movie.’
    underground railway, underground, metro
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  • 2British A tunnel under a road for use by pedestrians.

    • ‘New roads and subways have and are being built, while a third terminal is currently under construction at the Beijing Capital International Airport.’
    • ‘The project will include four subways for the heavy pedestrian traffic to cross at Bommanahalli, Garvebhavipalya, Kudlu and Singasandra junctions.’
    • ‘The BMTC terminus with a pedestrian subway for safety will also have shops and toilets.’
    • ‘You can use the upper parts of the stations as subways to cross busy road junctions, but the stink of stagnant water as you walk by the turnstiles into the Metro itself is enough to send you quickly above ground again.’
    • ‘The outside and inside are joined by well-maintained pedestrian subways, each illustrated by scenes from local history.’
    • ‘Building work is underway to fill in the subway at the foot of New Road and create three new pedestrian crossings.’
    • ‘We are aware of the fact that pedestrian subways and flyovers are not optimally used.’
    • ‘As reported in the Daily Echo, he had earlier signed a petition calling for pedestrians to be provided with a bridge or a subway.’
    • ‘In many cases, pedestrians actually brave the busy roads close to subways and footbridges.’
    • ‘According to the 1996 Highway Road Humps Regulations they must not be built on or within 25 metres of bridges, subways, culverts or tunnels.’
    • ‘Children as pedestrians are advised to cross the road only at zebra crossings, pedestrian subways and overbridges.’
    • ‘It's on the buildings high above and in the subways and tunnels deep below.’
    • ‘Not their fault really but with no subways or overbridges for pedestrians they have no choice but to risk life and limb and walk across the road obstructing traffic in the process.’
    • ‘Alternatively, never walk on street level - always in subways or on pedestrian bridges.’
    • ‘Banners prepared by schools will soon go up in Manchester Road, where the scheme brought about the closure of dingy subways underneath the main roads which people said they were afraid to use.’
    • ‘As part of the plan, the Roch Valley roundabout will be filled in and the pedestrian subways removed.’
    • ‘To visit the Central Library one has an uphill struggle over busy roads or under unsafe subways.’
    • ‘As regards to lighting, the path past the top of the old subway near the post office is still very dark.’
    • ‘Zebra crossings, pedestrian subways, overbridges and pedestrian signals are the best places to cross the road.’
    • ‘Swindon Council has set aside roughly £50,000 this year to tackle the blight of graffiti on roads signs, bus shelters and subways across the borough.’
    underpass, underground passage, pedestrian tunnel, tunnel
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