Definition of subvocalize in US English:


(British subvocalise)


[with object]
  • Utter (words or sounds) with the lips silently or with barely audible sound, especially when talking to oneself, memorizing something, or reading.

    • ‘As she left, she subvocalized, ‘I can talk, Reddie.’’
    • ‘‘Obviously not a very efficient one,’ subvocalised Jacob.’
    • ‘I could input by subvocalising but I prefer a keyboard, and I could type on a virtual keyboard in the air but I prefer feedback, so keys appear on surfaces near my hands and I type on them.’
    • ‘Despite all my training, subvocalizing into a throat mike was very different after the changes reinforcing my mouth and neck.’
    • ‘A clamor of swallowing noises filled his ears, as the crowd subvocalized, carrying on conversations with distant friends.’