Definition of subvention in US English:



  • A grant of money, especially from a government.

    ‘Ottawa has begun to cut federal subventions to the provinces’
    mass noun ‘a complex network of public subvention for poets’
    • ‘They are only human, after all: if there are grants and subventions going, they will join the queue.’
    • ‘At the same time, they sought a cut in the lower rates of income tax as a way of providing a state subvention to their workers' poverty-level wages.’
    • ‘They have also demanded a cut in the lower rates of income tax as a way of providing a subvention to the miserly wages paid by the corporations.’
    • ‘Cutting subventions and stipends and increasing taxes and license fees - it seems the government is on a money-saving and revenue-generating path.’
    • ‘Many are also looking for information on nursing home subventions and living alone allowances, she said.’
    grant, allowance, endowment, contribution, donation, bursary, gift, present, investment, bestowal, benefaction, allocation, allotment, handout
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘provision of help’): from Old French, from late Latin subventio(n-), from Latin subvenire ‘assist’, from sub- ‘from below’ + venire ‘come’.