Definition of subulate in US English:



Zoology Botany
  • (of a part) slender and tapering to a point; awl-shaped.

    • ‘The lamina is triangular-lanceolate with acute or more commonly subulate leaves.’
    • ‘Calyx villose-hispid, teeth triangular, the lowest subulate, exceeding the others.’
    • ‘Bolbophites differs from Opithes in that the first antennal segment is no longer than the next three together; the gular sutures are united and the last segment of the maxillary palpus is subulate.’
    • ‘The Galápagos plant is a low shrub with subulate, hard, pungent leaves, apparently an adaptation to the arid conditions on the islands.’
    • ‘A. pallidus was described as having an obliquely 5-toothed fruiting calyx in the original description by Bentham, who also described the upper subulate calyx lip as the posterior lip and the other 4 oblique minute teeth as the anterior lip.’
    sharp, spear-like, needle-like, spear-shaped, v-shaped, tapering, tapered, cone-shaped, conic, conical, acute, sharp-cornered, wedge-shaped, sharp-edged, edged, jagged, spiky, spiked, barbed
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Mid 18th century: from Latin subula ‘awl’ + -ate.