Definition of subtilize in US English:


(British subtilise)


[with object]archaic
  • Make more subtle; refine.

    ‘he split and subtilized words’
    • ‘His first track sets the pace for the entire set, as he subtilizes the high drama of the famous c-sharp minor prelude which has become so hackneyed, often turned into a cartoon of itself owing to its own wide popularity.’
    • ‘Its value bears chiefly on change: it can be intensified or subtilized.’
    • ‘If one major aspect of Life Studies is this gargantuan appetite for differentiated and subtilised reality - prose again, one might think - it is checked by plot, by theme, by rhythm and, eerily, almost subliminally, by verbal repetitions.’
    • ‘I hope I have made clear that intuitionism on the one hand subtilizes logic, on the other hand denounces logic as a source of truth.’
    • ‘Nietzsche is the great exemplar of complicating thought, exploiting knowledge in the interests of interrogations - not in order to clarify and focus but to subtilize and dissociate them.’