Definition of substitutive in US English:



  • See substitute

    • ‘So the poem is as particular as the prose in a different way, so that what the prose supplies in these joint structures is always additional and not substitutive.’
    • ‘Although such a substitutive mode of representation is familiar enough from, for example, museums dealing with twentieth-century history, its effect here is to return attention to the ‘nature’ of the objects as substitutes.’
    • ‘The pleasures of horror, dependent as they are upon the effects of the repressed, may involve temporary substitutive satisfactions - much like neurotic activity.’
    • ‘Cohesive or substitutive growth patterns and mitoses and necrosis should be absent.’
    • ‘They are therefore substitutive, and it is important to study their ‘conditions of presentation’ and ‘the relations of those conditions to our own spatiotemporality’.’