Definition of substitutable in US English:



  • See substitute

    • ‘For example, researchers may wish to develop studies designed to identify reinforcers both within and outside of abusive relationships that have either a substitutable or complementary relationship.’
    • ‘Alternatively, to what degree are racial, citizenship, and gender categories more or less substitutable markers, buttresses reinforcing inequality, used to justify relegation to the lower ranks?’
    • ‘A relevant product market comprises in particular all those products which are regarded as interchangeable or substitutable by the consumer, by reason of the products' characteristics, their prices and their intended use.’
    • ‘Nor did they think doubly about nondocumentary verbal texts, which were obviously substitutable, handed down through time from one material vehicle to another without loss of authenticity.’
    • ‘The differences may be in features, price, functionality, or anything else human ingenuity can devise. The goal in economic terms is to make a set of similar goods less substitutable for each other.’