Definition of subsidence in US English:



  • The gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land.

    • ‘Excess accommodation could be created by rapid tectonic subsidence in the centre of a tilt-block basin.’
    • ‘We attribute this low rate to the continued post-rift thermal subsidence of the Indian margin.’
    • ‘In this work, the logarithmic theory is used to calculate the amount of land subsidence.’
    • ‘Tertiary sediments cause subsidence of the basin substrata 2.3 km below sea level, as a result of the sediment load.’
    • ‘As the basin filled, or the rate of subsidence relative to the influx of material lessened, subaerial fluvial deposits were emplaced.’
    • ‘This is because magmatic material thickens the crust, creating uplift rather than subsidence.’
    • ‘It could be argued that high subsidence rates of the rift basin there meant that a regressive signal was not recorded.’
    • ‘This would result in the underestimation of the tectonic subsidence that occurred during the deposition of the shales.’
    • ‘The history during this time is characterized by uplift at the most proximal location and an increase in subsidence at the most distal location.’
    • ‘Melt injection leads initially to isostatic uplift followed by subsidence as the melt freezes.’
    • ‘Cover for accidental damage to contents and also for flooding or subsidence are other areas that should be clarified before taking out a policy.’
    • ‘In addition, a drastic decrease in subsidence rates before the onset of the Late Eocene Pyrenean inversion was determined.’
    • ‘Removal of water from compressible materials such as silt and clay can lead to compaction of the confining unit and subsidence of the land surface.’
    • ‘Thermal subsidence began to affect the onshore Central Plains area of Thailand.’
    • ‘Also, at least on the Atlantic coast, you have both sea level rise and land subsidence going on at the same time.’
    • ‘The forward model predicts approximately 4 km of tectonic subsidence at this point.’
    • ‘The early Cretaceous is characterized by relative quiescence and thermal subsidence following late Jurassic rifting.’
    • ‘In particular, we relate apparent Neogene subsidence to modification of the Shelf's basement architecture.’
    • ‘Quaternary sedimentary fill testifies to recent subsidence of the basin.’
    • ‘In fact, tectonic subsidence was calculated to be slightly higher in the Early Tertiary High than in the Voorne Trough.’
    collapse, caving in, falling in, giving way, sinking, settling
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Mid 17th century: from Latin subsidentia ‘sediment’, from the verb subsidere (see subside).