Definition of subshrub in US English:



  • A dwarf shrub, especially one that is woody only at the base.

    • ‘All are tropical or subtropical shrubs or subshrubs (a somewhat woody plant sometimes grown and used as a shrub or perennial).’
    • ‘The host plant is an early successional, evergreen, nitrogen-fixing subshrub that grows on glacial moraine and river bars.’
    • ‘Three are narrowly endemic to the Lake Wales Ridge (Liatris ohlingerae, Polygonella myriophylla, and Prunus geniculata), nine are herbs, two are shrubs and one is a woody prostrate subshrub.’
    • ‘The plants of this subgenus are shrubs, subshrubs, perennial or annual herbs, and have a worldwide distribution.’
    • ‘The English thymes have broader leaves than the French; both are well-mannered garden plants that grow as subshrubs.’