Definition of subserviently in US English:



  • See subservient

    • ‘She is a blank cheque… when she marries she brings in dowry, and then she starts her life subserviently under the watchful eyes of the mother-in-law.’
    • ‘Contrary to their high-handedness and overbearing behavior in handling cases involving powerless citizens, they subserviently knelt to pressure from the power elite, specifically influential figures in the ruling camp.’
    • ‘Tokkie, while subserviently knowing his place, worries for his job, his family and his future.’
    • ‘Bryan stepped in, bowed subserviently to Jason (also his employer) and left the tray he held on the small circular table I knelt next to.’
    • ‘Others ‘play’ the leader's role by paying tremendous attention to what the leader does and by acting subserviently toward that person.’