Definition of subsection in US English:



  • A division of a section.

    ‘each chapter has a different theme and numerous subsections’
    • ‘Within this category American tycoons probably merit their own subsection, as do, quite separately, conmen and speculators.’
    • ‘Each section was subdivided by the same sized fence into four subsections, three comprised of 13 hectares and one of 26 hectares.’
    • ‘We can extend this structural analysis down a level, subdividing the three sections of the poem's first part into subsections and then doing the same with the poem's second part.’
    • ‘So what now, do I start categorising debts into subsections?’
    • ‘Each entry is heavily illustrated, many dotted with video and sound recordings, most broken up into a myriad of sections, subsections and bullet points.’
    • ‘Were I to attempt to take the Court through all the sections and subsections, I would use up my whole half an hour, but it is there for what it is worth.’
    • ‘The organization of the chapters, sections and subsections is exemplary and clearly reflects her mastery of the topics.’
    • ‘The section is divided into three subsections.’
    • ‘The site layout adopted consisted of 300 m long sections subdivided into 50 m subsections.’
    • ‘The Business Tools section contains several subsections, the first of which examines the macroeconomic environment.’
    • ‘Clause 43 proposes a new subsection for section 57, and deals with the constitution of that court.’
    • ‘Within sections and subsections, ordering is uniformly chronological.’
    • ‘The contents of the bibliography show a detailed list of all the sections and subsections with hypertext links to each individual adaptation.’
    • ‘This book is written in the style of a technical report, with sequentially numbered sections and subsections, which makes for easy referencing but chops up the narrative.’
    • ‘Since not all the taxa included in the second group have been studied, the assignment of rank as subsections or sections requires more data.’
    • ‘Here, in fact, is where we start to break down the content into its component pages, and even further into sections and subsections.’
    • ‘The control unit includes a process section such as a computer and a PWM switch section including subsections each for a unique one of the solenoid valves.’
    • ‘This subsection is a piece of that picture, which I chose because of the man and his son sitting on the beach.’
    • ‘The user progressively assigns sections and subsections from the list until the document is complete.’
    • ‘The fiction section contained subsections of fantasy, science fiction, teen fiction, and so on.’
    section, subdivision, part, portion, piece, bit, segment, slice, fragment, chunk, component, share
    department, branch, arm, wing, sector, section, subdivision, subsidiary, detachment, office, bureau, offshoot, satellite, extension
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