Definition of subregion in US English:



  • A division of a region.

    • ‘Wyckoff organizes his narrative according to subregions: the mountains, the ‘piedmont heartland,’ the eastern plains, the ‘southern periphery,’ and the western slope.’
    • ‘Equally significant was through traffic between districts on the subregion's periphery and beyond, and for this traffic Chester was often merely an obstacle to passage elsewhere.’
    • ‘The relative abundances are proven to be similar despite a remarkable difference in species composition between the northern and southern subregions.’
    • ‘Of all 25 brain regions examined, the one that showed the strongest evidence of playing a role directly in the control of the locomotor activity itself was the dentate gyrus, which is a subregion of the hippocampus.’
    • ‘In most cases, the recombination frequency switched abruptly between the subregions, as is evident for small subregions of high and very high recombination at interstitial positions.’
    • ‘This contrasts to the cost of collecting original data on, say, 5000 households in a local subregion or corridor, that would amount to anywhere from $1 million to $1.75 million.’
    • ‘These data are tabulated by species with locations referenced to zoogeographical subregions, political units of provinces, states, or countries, and source citations.’
    • ‘Canids and, to a lesser extent, felids are present in the Tundran, Coniferan, and Deciduan subregions always as continuous carnivores.’
    • ‘That means instead of fashioning one broad index that measures welfare over a huge geographical area, they want to end up with well-being measures for subregions within that larger region.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, this region can be subdivided into four definable subregions, indicated by vertical bars, limiting the extent of the discrepancies.’
    • ‘It is based on dividing the region of interest into subregions, calculating the likelihood curve for each subregion, and then multiplying all these subregions together.’
    • ‘For practical purposes, the ‘Eastern’ subregion consists of the Eastern North American and Central Mexican subregions, plus the Middle American Transitional area.’
    • ‘This has provided the framework for the methodical mapping of Australia into zones, regions, and subregions, all glorying under the ultimately bureaucratic and infinitely ugly term Geographic Indications (GI or GIs).’
    • ‘Most of those guides deal with individual countries such as Thailand, or smaller, yet ornithologically distinct subregions of Southeast Asia such as Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.’
    • ‘Within the Pacific Islands region are the subregions of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.’
    • ‘Wen suggested holding meetings and signing a memorandum of understanding to help underdeveloped agricultural areas in the subregion, which includes Yunnan Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China.’
    • ‘Although this would-be seventh province need not share all of Border with its predecessors, it would be sure to share a certain subregion of Border (a subregion that is itself a line-segment) with each of the others.’
    • ‘The report states that ‘The highest number of threatened species occurred in southern and eastern Australia, within the subregions from the southern highlands in Victoria and NSW and along the coast from Sydney to north of Brisbane’.’
    • ‘For most species, a table of population sizes and trends for seven subregions within the Barents Sea Region is provided.’
    • ‘They are found in the Australo-Papuan subregion of the world: in New Guinea, nearby islands, and the northeastern part of Australia.’