Definition of subordinating conjunction in US English:

subordinating conjunction


  • A conjunction that introduces a subordinate clause, e.g., although, because.

    Contrasted with coordinating conjunction
    • ‘Questions beginning with a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun are complete sentences.’
    • ‘Notice that the comma comes at the end of the clause, not after the subordinating conjunction.’
    • ‘The independent clause must be connected to the dependent clause in a subordinating conjunction.’
    • ‘You could also think of the subordinating conjunction as a prepositional phrase, and you always need a comma after a prepositional phrase that starts a sentence.’
    • ‘There are a great many subordinating conjunctions in the English language.’


subordinating conjunction

/səˌbôrdnˌādiNG kənˈjəNGkSH(ə)n//səˌbɔrdnˌeɪdɪŋ kənˈdʒəŋkʃ(ə)n/