Definition of subnuclear in US English:



  • Occurring in or smaller than an atomic nucleus.

    • ‘This antibody labels the nuclei of the male embryos, revealing a single subnuclear spot that corresponds to the X chromosome.’
    • ‘The synthesis of ribosomes is a major cellular activity that, in eukaryotes, takes place primarily in a specialized subnuclear compartment termed the nucleolus.’
    • ‘A quantification of distortion and dilation of nuclear elements such as the lamina, chromatin, and nucleoli is an important step in connecting subnuclear forces to genome expression.’
    • ‘These subnuclear compartments are dynamic but structurally stable, recruiting active genes into preassembled transcription and processing centers.’
    • ‘The goal is to separately characterize the contributions of the envelope, chromatin. and subnuclear compartments to nuclear visco-elasticity.’