Definition of submucosal in US English:



  • See submucosa

    • ‘The smallest air-conducting vessels, the bronchioles, are distinguished by having no cartilage in their walls, no mucus cells in their epithelium, and few or no submucosal glands.’
    • ‘The lesion appeared to be submucosal with an intact submucosa and muscularis propria interface.’
    • ‘Pathologic findings in fatal asthma include bronchial lumen occlusion by mucus, hyperplasia of submucosal glands, basement membrane thickening, and tissue eosinophilia.’
    • ‘Biopsies of the pharynx, performed after radiotherapy, showed infiltration of small lymphocytes, plasmacytes, and neutrophils in the submucosal area.’
    • ‘The cause of death was excessive infusion and absorption of normal saline during hysteroscopic ablation of submucosal leiomyoma for menorrhagia.’