Definition of submucosa in US English:


nounPlural submucosae

  • The layer of areolar connective tissue lying beneath a mucous membrane.

    • ‘Between the mucosa and muscle layers lies the submucosa, which is rich in blood vessels and connective tissue.’
    • ‘Tumors are considered invasive if they extend through the muscularis layer and into the submucosa.’
    • ‘The most prominent inflammatory cells in the bronchial submucosa were lymphocytes, but their numbers changed little during exacerbations.’
    • ‘Beneath the mucosa, there is a loose connective tissue layer called the submucosa.’
    • ‘Some of the nodules were located in the submucosa beneath areas of mucosal ulceration, but did not show communication with or disruption of the mucosa.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin submucosa (membrana), feminine of submucosus ‘submucous’.