Definition of submit in US English:



  • 1no object Accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.

    ‘the original settlers were forced to submit to Bulgarian rule’
    • ‘It appeared that he was not really willing to submit to the authority of Scripture.’
    • ‘Switzerland has long been a patriarchal society where women submit to the authority of their fathers and then to that of their husbands.’
    • ‘This site is now the worlds largest online plagiarism detection tool, a tool that grows daily with each paper students are forced to submit to its scrutiny.’
    • ‘Their religion was a religion of force and fear; how could they understand that men can still despise fear even when they submit to force?’
    • ‘I think it's marvellous the way he forces you to submit to his universe.’
    • ‘Meanwhile various unpopular rulers who have held onto power with American support will be forced to submit to the will of their people.’
    • ‘They intended spreading city-wide, forcing motorists to submit to their hard-wired will.’
    • ‘They also put a spin on the message that says you will end up blessed and prosperous like them if you obey the tithing principles and submit to their authority.’
    • ‘Clearly, the LEA are not currently able to provide a suitable education as the law requires and offer instead threats of jail to force the family to submit to substandard provision.’
    • ‘There are no examples of religious wars in the ancient world, based on an exclusive claim that the adherents of one religion must conquer another people to force them submit to another religion.’
    • ‘Rekha has struggled to submit to traditional Indian authority figures - especially doctors.’
    • ‘It is possible, then, to do more than simply submit to market forces in our academic institutions.’
    • ‘Entire villages rose in support of the rebels, only to submit when superior forces arrived from outside.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.’
    • ‘To learn from example is to submit to authority.’
    • ‘As leaders and teachers, they call the community to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Others are determined to discredit her for her atheism, her rejection of Islam and her exposure of the way Muslim women are often forced to submit to their men.’
    • ‘Why is it when, after greatly resisting temptation you eventually weaken and submit to its manipulative forces?’
    • ‘What happened was the ultra-religious rural forces took control of the cities and the women were forced to submit to the small-town culture or leave the country.’
    • ‘There he must submit to authority and death - his destruction of the Ring of Power - to save the world.’
    give in, yield, give way, back down, cave in, bow, capitulate, relent, defer, agree, consent, accede, conform, acquiesce, comply, accept
    be governed by, abide by, be regulated by, comply with, observe, heed, accept, tolerate, endure, brook, put up with, stomach, adhere to, be subject to, agree to, consent to, conform to
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    1. 1.1 Agree to refer a matter to a third party for decision or adjudication.
      ‘the U.S. refused to submit to arbitration’
      • ‘Although neither party binds itself to bring any action here, each of them does agree to submit to the jurisdiction if an action is brought against it.’
      • ‘I did not give any person instructions to submit to the jurisdiction and take any steps in this matter which would result in the Embassy waiving its immunity.’
      • ‘The Insured and Insurers agree to submit to the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction within England and to comply with all requirements to give such court jurisdiction.’
      • ‘The sacked workers have not been reinstated and their case has been submitted to arbitration.’
      • ‘This shift emphasizes the need to adhere to arbitration in circumstances where the parties have agreed to submit to arbitration to resolve their disputes.’
  • 2with object Subject to a particular process, treatment, or condition.

    ‘samples submitted to low pressure’
    • ‘Protease samples were submitted to electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels under denaturing conditions, according to Laemmli.’
    • ‘RNA derived from three biological replicates of each experimental condition were submitted to the facility for microarray analysis.’
    • ‘Often there is confusion - some people will get big on the need to forgive ‘the brother’, and even suggest he should not be submitted to the legal process.’
    • ‘Unrepentant, he was submitted to humiliating treatment with hormones to avoid going to prison.’
    • ‘The scene did not end up on the cutting room floor, however, but was submitted to the ‘beep’ treatment by the editing team at Tyrone Productions.’
    • ‘According to PEC regulations, results of the sorting process should be submitted to the main polling stations, and then to the PEC without being announced.’
    • ‘Mussels were submitted to aerobic and anaerobic stressful conditions in the laboratory.’
    • ‘Games are submitted to the programme before development through a standardised process for all consoles and handsets.’
    • ‘If you use at to put a job on a queue with a capital letter, then the job is treated as if it were submitted to the batch command at the run time instead of the at command.’
    • ‘Because it did not involve human subjects, the study was not submitted to ethical scrutiny.’
    • ‘During their entire growth, the Stipa plants were submitted to three experimental treatments.’
    • ‘Scores for the prime and each group of probe conditions were submitted to separate repeated-measures analyses of variance (ANOVAs).’
    • ‘All of them got well, and of course all of them would have been claimed as triumphs if they had been submitted to the treatment.’
    • ‘In some cases, sections were submitted to enzymatic or chemical treatments before immunolabelling, for the in situ de-esterification of pectins.’
    • ‘Subjects being prepared for neurosurgery were submitted to anesthesia of a single brain hemisphere at a time to test for the lateralization of critical functions.’
    put through, treat with
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    1. 2.1submit oneself Consent to undergo a certain treatment.
      ‘he submitted himself to a body search’
      • ‘I cannot, however, imagine ever submitting myself to such a thing.’
      • ‘Eight men submitted themselves to be castrated.’
      • ‘Following a period of mature reflection over Christmas, the man who said that the people of Ayr were his life and blood decided not to risk his neck by submitting himself for election before them.’
      • ‘So why am I voluntarily submitting myself to this torture?’
      • ‘Unfortunately, you can't become a nurse without submitting yourself to this horror.’
      • ‘By submitting themselves to rigid discipline and by projecting guilt onto other people, they can keep at bay their own overwhelming need to be naughty.’
      • ‘We can only test persons who either apply to become claimants for the million-dollar prize, or who will actually submit themselves to undergoing proper test procedures.’
      • ‘Over a million men and women, from the hilariously vain to the eye-wateringly repugnant, have submitted themselves to this image-obsessed court of public opinion, where they can be casually rated, from 1-10, on their looks alone.’
      • ‘Of course, I did my best to randomly stretch and squirm and writhe after submitting myself to each machine.’
      • ‘‘The hotels involved submitted themselves for rigorous and independent assessment and all made the grade at Mark of Best Practice,’ he said.’
      • ‘By submitting ourselves to the scrutiny of a financial review, and with the help of a financial advisor, we can face the coming twelve months with the peace of mind that our finances are in order.’
      • ‘Few men have so far submitted themselves to the treatment: perhaps they're in denial about cellulite.’
      • ‘Are we submitting ourselves to the new project of a supervised society?’
      • ‘I also rather liked the story of the candidates who submitted themselves to an IQ test.’
      • ‘He is looking for people like Paul, who will be willing to submit themselves to difficult situations, and uncomfortable circumstances, in order to use them to make an impact.’
      • ‘The public should understand that we have submitted ourselves to other mass eradication programmes like smallpox, malaria etc., for which medicines with more adverse effects have been used.’
      • ‘Why would you bother submitting yourself to trial by lottery in this way?’
      • ‘But fundamentally, I think marriage is about submitting yourself to something larger than yourself, something to which you will remain committed even when it doesn't seem to do anything for you, just because it's the right thing to do.’
      • ‘Whatever is said of the worst of them, it must also be remembered that, at the very least, they submitted themselves - and their character - to public service.’
      • ‘Yet not all submit themselves to the physician's hand or accept his treatment.’
  • 3with object Present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment.

    ‘the panel's report was submitted to a parliamentary committee’
    • ‘In the representation submitted on his behalf, he denies that the knife was his.’
    • ‘When the data is processed and submitted to the Central Depository, the missing securities will be traded on the exchange.’
    • ‘The report was submitted recently to the government.’
    • ‘The parties are still in the process of submitting their post-trial motions and briefs.’
    • ‘The club need to know their plans will obtain a safety licence from the body before submitting their planning application.’
    • ‘The new discovery is the subject of a paper submitted to the Astrophysical Journal.’
    • ‘In the end the manuscript was never submitted for publication.’
    • ‘Focusing on the West Midlands, entrants were asked to submit a 200 word treatment, with an optional script sample, for a three minute short movie.’
    • ‘A manuscript of their work has been submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.’
    • ‘We didn't actually have to go out and build some new defenses, but make a presentation, submitting our proposals to the rest of the group complete with economical and environmental costs/benefits.’
    • ‘He said the six companies are now in the process of submitting their terms of references, including the time frame of the study and the draft proposal.’
    • ‘Developers have submitted an outline proposal to Wigan Council to build eight homes.’
    • ‘Supervisors regularly have to go through the same process themselves when they submit an article to a peer-refereed journal or apply for a research grant or give a conference paper.’
    • ‘However, statistical findings are often presented in manuscripts submitted for publication in misleading or erroneous ways.’
    • ‘Following the consultation period, the Bill will be amended, if necessary, and then submitted to Parliament.’
    • ‘Their study was submitted yesterday to the journal Physical Review Letters.’
    • ‘Not counting preparation time, the process of submitting the information and making changes took a month and a half.’
    • ‘The rural village of Hebrandston is in the centre of a planning application tussle after proposals were submitted to transform a disused outbuilding into a small dental surgery.’
    • ‘Let us know your views on this subject by submitting your comments below.’
    • ‘Further public consultations and exhibitions will be held before the final plans are submitted for approval in September.’
    put forward, present, set forth, offer, proffer, tender, advance, propose, suggest, volunteer, table, lodge, introduce, come up with, raise, air, moot
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    1. 3.1with clause (especially in judicial contexts) suggest; argue.
      ‘he submitted that such measures were justified’
      • ‘Indeed, I would suggest and submit that it has the overwhelming force of logic attaching to it.’
      • ‘It is in that context that we submit that it cannot be shown, in effect, whose hair this was.’
      • ‘In this context, I am submitting that he erred in saying that there would not be any unfairness.’
      • ‘So it is really in that context that we submit that the Full Court has talked about the effect of indefeasibility of title.’
      • ‘Mr Brindle submitted that mere assertion by an expert of the existence of particular standards is not enough.’
      contend, assert, argue, state, claim, aver, propound, posit, postulate, adduce, move, advocate, venture, volunteer
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Late Middle English: from Latin submittere, from sub- ‘under’ + mittere ‘send, put’. submit (sense 3)‘present for judgement’ dates from the mid 16th century.