Definition of submissively in US English:



  • See submissive

    • ‘‘I apologize for my foolishness, Sire,’ he submissively replied, lowering his eyes in defeat.’
    • ‘She saw herself chained to a coarse wooden pole, the straw on the floor pricking her legs as she kneeled, head bowed submissively.’
    • ‘Her Majesty sits squat on her throne, her head crowned, a sceptre in one hand, an orb in the other, and two lions stretch submissively at the imperial feet while she stares with bronze eyes at the distant horizons of Empire.’
    • ‘It means publicly reprimanding politicians who insist that ‘as Americans’ we should submissively yield to whatever the Supreme Court decides.’
    • ‘When I arrived at the enclosures, he was inside, crouched submissively alongside a huge silver-backed male.’