Definition of submersible in US English:



  • Designed to be completely submerged or to operate while submerged.

    • ‘She and her colleagues have also studied hydrates at Blake Ridge off the South Carolina coast during normal oceanographic cruises, deep sea drilling legs, and submersible dives.’
    • ‘The cold condenser waters are pumped through multiple, 1000 meters long and one meter in diameter, soft pipes or hoses, that are fed with submersible pumps.’
    • ‘The system has two sonars fitted in a small pod-shaped submersible vessel which is towed by the ship.’
    • ‘Farmers are now suffering by having to use costly submersible pumps and replacing existing centrifugal pumps.’
    • ‘While some farmers have installed submersible pumps by removing the conventional tubewell motors, others have installed these while retaining their old pump sets and use them simultaneously.’
    • ‘The project, which began two years ago uses everything from advanced computer programmes to submersible probes in the Atlantic to determine likely long term climate change.’
    • ‘All extra fittings were bought in Arusha, a hundred kilometres away, including cable and piping - a lot of which was needed to operate the submersible pumps, because of the great depth.’
    • ‘But even more importantly, these pumps dramatically outperform typical submersible pumps, cutting electrical costs two to three times.’
    • ‘In addition to being fully submersible, this radio features an enhanced body that is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.’
    • ‘Do you scrub down every work surface every day, and use a sanitizer solution on every submersible part?’
    • ‘Water that is already transported to the Alcan smelter at Fort William and then dumped into the sea could be shipped overseas, either in tankers or in ‘large submersible shipments almost like big plastic bags’, he added.’
    • ‘Minesniper is a remotely controlled submersible vehicle which is 2m long and weighs about 30 kg.’
    • ‘Divers using submersible vehicles were about a mile and a half (more than two and a quarter kilometers) below the surface when they spotted the animal near hydrothermal vents.’
    • ‘The Japan Coast Guard filmed the body of the ship last week using an underwater camera, and plans to conduct a further probe in late April using divers and submersible vessels before raising it.’
    • ‘Two existing workshops in Dubai, used for the assembly, repair and overhaul of electrical submersible pumps and gas turbines, will be enlarged through multi-million pound investments.’
    • ‘A 3,000-meter rowing course with submersible lane markers is laid out on the Lower Otay Lake to accommodate athletes training in sweeps and sculls.’
    • ‘Due to their low submerged speed, most submarines operated as temporarily submersible torpedo boats, largely sailing and often attacking while surfaced.’
    • ‘The scenes in the footage resembled those taken by miniature submersible vessels that sometimes appear in science fiction films…’
    • ‘Apart from the produce, the fair has displays on hybrid seed, submersible pumpsets, garden tools, solar fences, tissue culture, cold storage and fountain nozzles.’
    • ‘Now North Island, here off San Diego, is home to the U.S. Navy's only sea submersible equipment that's able to perform such rescue, the Super Scorpios, too, are heading over just moments from now.’


  • A submersible boat or other craft, especially one designed for research and exploration.

    • ‘If the cable is severed then the submersibles are designed to sink to the seabed before the ballast in their tanks is jettisoned so that they rise to the surface.’
    • ‘He's been down in every imaginable piece of diving gear known to man as well as a wide array of underwater submersibles and crafts.’
    • ‘Are our submarines, submersibles and aqualungs not merely imitations of devices and mechanisms that Nature ‘invented’ a long, long time ago?’
    • ‘It was time for Britain to acquire submersibles and find out just how much of a menace they might be.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy has two submarine rescue submersibles, the NR5 and Scorpio, which are currently on standby near Glasgow.’