Definition of submandibular gland in US English:

submandibular gland


  • Either of a pair of salivary glands situated below the lower jaw.

    Also called submaxillary gland
    • ‘Neoplasms can occur in the parotid, sublingual or submandibular glands, or in the minor salivary glands.’
    • ‘This was centred in the left submandibular region anterior to the left submandibular gland.’
    • ‘Swollen submandibular glands and parotid glands as well as esophagitis, esophageal spasm, and esophageal tearing and potentially fatal ruptures can occur from constant vomiting.’
    • ‘The hypertrophied submandibular gland, or a ptosis of the platysma muscle which hangs down, causes a bad result when using liposuction alone.’
    • ‘The submandibular glands produce a mixture of serous and mucous saliva.’