Definition of submandibular in English:



  • 1Situated beneath the jaw or mandible.

    • ‘At birth he was noted to have very subtle left neck swelling in the submandibular area, which was interpreted to be prominent skinfolds and increased subcutaneous fat.’
    • ‘But I have used a technique where the submental and submandibular areas are liposuctioned.’
    • ‘The patient, on the same day, had lesions in the right forearm, right supra-clavicular and left submandibular areas sclerosed using direct ethanol injection.’
    • ‘Among the reactive conditions, Kimura disease was considered because of the clinical presentation of a tumorlike swelling in the submandibular subcutaneous area with typical lymphadenopathy.’
    • ‘For example, cancers of the oral cavity typically metastasize to the submandibular triangle, whereas cancers from most other sites in the head and neck spread to the lateral neck.’
    1. 1.1Relating to or affecting a submandibular gland.
      • ‘Edema, halitosis and drooling may be present, and tender submandibular or cervical lymphadenopathy is not uncommon.’
      • ‘Because of the clinical presentation of submandibular and mediastinal lymph node enlargement, this patient was thought to have lymphoma on radiologic examination.’
      • ‘One year later, a recurrent lesion was noted in the remaining anterior mandible with multiple left submandibular and cervical lymphadenopathy.’
      • ‘There was no significant skin erythema or any apparent cervical or submandibular lymphadenopathy.’
      • ‘There are early jowls and often submental and submandibular fat, as well as the presence of microgenia.’