Definition of subjugation in US English:



  • The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.

    ‘the colonial subjugation of a country by means of brute military force’
    ‘the fear of human subjugation by technology’
    count noun ‘conquests and subjugations that we think are long forgotten’
    • ‘The oppressed must be made aware of their subjugation.’
    • ‘Eve's deception by the serpent has been used to justify the subjugation of women in the Judeo-Christian tradition.’
    • ‘Surrounded by hostile populations, they were an easy target for invasion and subjugation by their neighbours.’
    • ‘Mass gymnastics are as chilling a sight as military parades, for they both encourage the subjugation of the individual to the collective.’
    • ‘They were forced into roles impossible to fulfil in the context of the multiple subjugations by which they were dominated.’