Definition of subharmonic in US English:



  • An oscillation with a frequency equal to an integral submultiple of another frequency.

    • ‘The Grimm Ambient drags even lower with ‘Bathory,’ starting with thudding subharmonics, spreading out and shuddering to reluctant end.’
    • ‘While the cell viability and transport data did not show any correlation with subharmonic emission, they correlated with the broadband noise, suggesting a dominant contribution of transient cavitation.’
    • ‘Kosmos offers good, clean subharmonics: There is no mistracking, and it is quiet and clean.’
    • ‘There's something alive in these images, but its pulse is so low as to be subharmonic.’
    • ‘The subharmonics are too erratic to be electronics.’


  • Denoting or involving a subharmonic.

    • ‘There appears to be no unique correlation between either viability or transport with subharmonic energy density.’
    • ‘These perturbations also transform the spectral profile, inducing subharmonic frequencies, transitions to period doubling and tripling, superharmonic resonance, and chaos.’
    • ‘Positive feedback in the form of increased intracellular hydrostatic pressure drives the system to new states with transient increases in subharmonic signal frequencies.’
    • ‘His most important work was in function theory, in particular Nevanlinna theory and the growth of subharmonic functions.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitar and bass receive treatment from a dbx 120 subharmonic processor.’
    • ‘In 1934 he studied subharmonic functions, building on the work of Riesz.’
    • ‘Peak amplitude of subharmonic component was measured by continuously averaging the acoustic spectrum until a steady value was reached.’
    • ‘This feature separates a stereo signal's normal bass content for recording just the subharmonic effect to a separate track.’