Definition of subframe in US English:



  • A supporting frame, especially one into which a window or door is set, or one to which the engine or suspension of a car without a true chassis is attached.

    • ‘It is a one-piece cast-aluminum liftgate whose vertical casting process can be adapted to the production of door frames, firewalls, engine subframes, vehicle pillars, shock towers, and floor frames.’
    • ‘Specific features such as the front and rear chassis subframes are also consistent with the 626% general layout, though there are no hand-me-down panels or parts.’
    • ‘The front subframe uses hydroformed components for lightweight strength; the subframe is attached to the body with rubber floating mounts to minimize noise and vibration.’
    • ‘The upholstery was ‘a chassis’, that is, fixed to its own subframes independent of the main chair frame.’
    • ‘The rear suspension uses an aluminum subframe, axle housing, A-arm, and lower link.’
    • ‘The monocoque tub is a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb with aluminum crush structures and chrome-moly subframes.’
    • ‘There is a new subframe to reduce cabin deformation in a collision.’
    • ‘Later, the team discovered that the incident had bent the front subframe of the car.’
    • ‘The chassis subsystems - front subframe, side rings, etc. - are built up by hand, with each piece fitted into jigs that use holes stamped in the parts as locating points.’
    • ‘This architecture spans the gap from unitized structures with front and rear subframes to vehicles like the Nissan Pathfinder that have frame sections welded to a unit body for increased strength.’
    • ‘Not rock hard, just sportingly firm, with that firm feeling no doubt amplified by the solidly mounted subframes.’
    • ‘The engine brackets, oil-pan and bonnet were all handcrafted to fit the new engine's contours and there were other modifications required to the subframe and other items.’
    • ‘The front subframe gets a cross-strut, the rear axle beam has been stiffened and dampers and springs now have separate mounting points.’
    • ‘The company is also developing a system which uses information from four deformation sensors installed in the seat subframe to perform absolute weight detection.’
    • ‘This new bonnet type will be built on a separate subframe.’
    • ‘Unlike the Jetta on which it's based, the new subframe is one piece instead of three, uses more aluminum, and has upgraded bearings for greater road isolation.’
    • ‘The front springs have been stiffened by 10 per cent, the diameter of the front anti-roll bar has been increased, the front subframe strengthened considerably, and the damper settings have been altered to suit.’
    • ‘The fuel tank and exhaust pipe routing were modified slightly to accommodate the new subframe.’
    • ‘Everything but the coil springs and dampers are mounted directly to a steel subframe that attaches to the body via four large rubber mounts.’
    • ‘Driving feel gets a dramatic improvement by relocating the steering rack to the front subframe rather than the body shell.’
    framework, rack, holder, stand, base, support, mounting, mount, platform, prop, horse, rest, chock, plinth, bottom, trivet, bracket, frame, structure, substructure, chassis
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