Definition of subconical in US English:



  • Approximately conical.

    • ‘The first cusp or parastyle is offset and separated from the others by a gap; it is robust, subconical, pointed, and flattened anterolingually.’
    • ‘Both of the lingual cusps are present on this tooth; they are subconical, robust, and the more posterior is somewhat the taller.’
    • ‘In Restes the osteoderms are flattened while for Exostinus they are subconical.’
    • ‘Teeth 1 and 3 are subconical, are not mesiodistally expanded relative to the roots, and lack bulbous bases.’
    • ‘The metaconid is subconical, somewhat compressed anterolingually-posterolabially, lower than the paraconid or protoconid, and, at its base, subequal in diameter to the paraconid.’
    • ‘Mitral sclerites bilaterally symmetrical, subcircular in apertural view, and subconical in lateral view.’