Definition of subclass in US English:



  • 1A secondary or subordinate class.

    • ‘Though a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet may be appropriate for the patient with LDL subclass B, those who present with subclass A do not receive the same benefit and may actually increase their CVD risk.’
    • ‘Such sources are believed to be either quark stars or neutron stars, and a subclass of these are already observed by conventional means as pulsars or X-ray emitting celestial objects.’
    • ‘The last structural-functional subclass contains sites which share a common amino acid function or type and represent long-range interactions.’
    • ‘From this, I envisage subclasses for static text and dynamically-generated text.’
    • ‘Any program of restitution, however, contemplates the use of tax dollars to benefit some subclass of the population at the expense of everyone else.’
    • ‘Programmers, the technologically innovative subclass of the creative, theoretically have it better: information technology remains a seller's market, with companies reporting an ongoing recruiting shortfall for IT new hires.’
    • ‘My final thoughts on these backformations is that there is an even more special subclass of them: those whose source verb is transitive.’
    • ‘These people are victims of a disaster and they have been ignored or treated like criminals, or - worse still - a subclass of citizens.’
    • ‘Although the 33-year-old artist and songwriter Harvey is no fan of the present system of artist subsidies, she does think that GATS will kill off an already poor subclass.’
    • ‘Most patents also are assigned a subclass and are given more than one class and subclass.’
    • ‘You might define a more-general class polygon, which would have triangle as a subclass, along with other subclasses such as quadrilateral, pentagon and hexagon.’
    • ‘He said that as the phenomenon of poverty takes root in ethnic minority communities, they drift away from the social strata to which their members belonged and begin to form a new, ethnic subclass.’
    • ‘The Pintupi were also a subclass amongst the Aboriginal population, and suffered discrimination from other language groups who were more acclimatised to European cultural values.’
    • ‘Equality does not mean equal representation by every subclass or subgroup.’
    • ‘Intellectual leftism is grounded in elitism, the idea that a certain subclass of individuals has a vastly superior understanding of how the world ‘really’ works.’
    • ‘The system Merken developed with Beecher finds and separates the 18 most common food flavonoids, representing all 5 subclasses.’
    • ‘This percentage was rather variable in proteins that belonged to different secondary structure subclasses.’
    • ‘I am a member of a entire subclass of not-so-young-anymore men, living in large cities, who are precariously close to being worrisome bachelors, problem sons, borderline lost causes.’
    • ‘But as a fairly homogenized subclass of workers, the Mexican Indians are readily marginalized.’
    • ‘The class includes a subclass whose members have claims or defences that raise common issues not shared by all class members.’
    1. 1.1Biology A taxonomic category that ranks below class and above order.
      • ‘Going on down the hierarchy are phylum, subphylum, class, subclass, order, family, genus, species.’
      • ‘There are approximately 650 to 700 extant species of cephalopods in two subclasses and five orders.’
      • ‘There are more than 700 extant species of cephalopods, divided into 2 subclasses, 5 orders, 47 families, and 139 genera.’
      • ‘Ten clones were classified into class III and further divided into three subclasses according to the centromeric junction of the missing region in the right arm.’
      • ‘The Russian author of the article in question used it to establish a new subclass, order, family, genus and species.’
      taxonomic group, class, family, species, breed
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