Definition of subcategory in US English:



  • A secondary or subordinate category.

    • ‘Further analysis of these five categories yielded 22 subcategories.’
    • ‘He details a number of categories and subcategories and explains exactly why a certain nutrient is needed, what its function is in the body, and how to go about effortlessly adding them to the diet.’
    • ‘In the preanalytic category, mislabeled specimens represented the leading subcategory, which was followed by mistakes in requisition, including improper tests and transcription errors.’
    • ‘Broken down by age, the five-person category contained four subcategories according to the total ages of all team members.’
    • ‘A subcategory consists of words that originally suggested unreality: fantastic, incredible, unreal, fabulous.’
    • ‘Walker, who has devoted considerable attention to the delineation of the syndrome, notes that the ‘battered woman syndrome is considered a subcategory of the generic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’.’
    • ‘After the summary, there are six categories and 13 subcategories, each of which is exemplified by quotations obtained from the interview material.’
    • ‘Wars of aggression were only one of the subcategories of the broad category of crimes against peace.’
    • ‘The language of learning was the second subcategory for analysis of the fieldnotes.’
    • ‘Some discussion addressed the impact of personal behavior, but reference to the environment or social variables as contributors was only tangential, assigning their role to a subcategory of personal behavior.’
    • ‘Each category contains several subcategories while assessment exercises and instruments exist to identify individual students' particular style.’
    • ‘Hofmann and Stewart suggested further subcategories within the three main categories to reflect some of this complexity.’
    • ‘The absence of subcategories for different types of community colleges hinders historical and longitudinal research.’
    • ‘A subcategory of glaucoma patients with normal IOP - those for which optic nerve damage is caused by vasospasm leading to decreased blood supply to the optic nerve - may benefit from supplemental magnesium.’
    • ‘The tool includes 42 activities organized into 3 categories and 9 subcategories.’
    • ‘A recent Illinois Supreme Court case finally has given judicial recognition to nurses' long-time assertion that nursing is an independent profession with a unique body of knowledge and not simply a subcategory of medicine.’
    • ‘Asylum doctors divided mental illness into four categories: mania (with an important subcategory, monomania), melancholia, dementia, and idiocy.’
    • ‘The second subcategory contained responses from participants teaching in career programs.’
    • ‘This examination suggested three broad categories (acceptances, mitigations, and rejections) and subcategories.’
    • ‘Once a small subcategory, bio-products now cover a gamut of building applications, among them panels made from agricultural waste fiber, soybean foam insulation, and paint.’