Definition of subaqueous in US English:



  • 1Existing, formed, or taking place underwater.

    • ‘The contribution by Manning emphasizes the similar processes that occur in subaqueous sediments and in landfill sites.’
    • ‘Meltwater discharge and deposition of subaqueous outwash have virtually no role in sedimentation.’
    • ‘With equal imperception it bent down and down, closer and closer to the lake waters, murky with the samba of subaqueous weeds and the abyss.’
    • ‘An alternative origin as a Large Igneous Province is less likely, as the volcanic rocks should be mainly relatively depleted subaqueous flood basalts rather than alkali basalts associated with slope talus.’
    • ‘Samples from subaqueous orange sinter deposits around the pool margin appear to be dominated by small coccoid cells, 500 nm to 1 m in diameter, and rods c.1 m long.’
    • ‘The deposits of Champagne Pool comprise a subaerially exposed grey sinter rim, a subaqueous orange sinter shelf and slope, and microstromatolitic sinter that is rooted upon the sinter shelf.’
    • ‘Five species responded primarily to lake level, which affects the general distribution of sand and mud bottoms and the intensity of subaqueous spring discharge.’
    • ‘It generally shows a fining-upward trend with four facies associations: alluvial fan fringe, subaqueous delta lobe, delta front, and shallow lake.’
    • ‘Overlying these is the Haeengefjeldet Formation, a sequence of subaqueous pyroclastic and epiclastic deposits that thicken to the south west.’
    • ‘The lower part is interpreted as channel fills associated with the subaqueous toes of small deltas flowing off the Bolkar Carbonate Platform into a marginal marine setting.’
    • ‘Stacked, turbidite-sandstone-filled lenses also occur beneath fan delta sandbodies and probably record infill of channels or chutes cut into the subaqueous slopes of such deltas.’
    • ‘Such channels or chutes are common on the subaqueous slopes of steep-faced deltas.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that their findings ‘suggest that microbial life colonized these subaqueous volcanic rocks soon after their eruption almost 3.5 billion years ago.’’
    • ‘Turbid, cold waters are often sufficiently dense to plunge beneath the surface waters and flow down the slope to form subaqueous fans with channels and levées as seen in fluviomarine deltas.’
    • ‘The environment is interpreted as a dominantly subaqueous delta top, similar to the modern Mississippi but with meandering distributary channels.’
    • ‘The upper horizon with abundant Paradictyodora in the Beta Member represents sedimentation on the delta slope and distal subaqueous delta platform.’
    • ‘Smaller fluvial or subaqueous overprints of former submarine channel morphologies and even desiccation or fracturing may be sought to test our model.’
    • ‘The shallow subaqueous shelf around the pool is covered with orange sinter.’
    • ‘In East Falkland, pebbly sandstones have been interpreted as subaqueous debris flows.’
    • ‘Halite precipitation takes the form of subaqueous cumulates, or subaqueous bottom or intrasediment precipitates.’
    undersea, submarine, sub-aquatic
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    1. 1.1 Lacking in substance or strength.
      ‘the light that filtered through the leaves was pale, subaqueous’