Definition of subaerial in US English:



  • Existing, occurring, or formed in the open air or on the earth's surface, not underwater or underground.

    • ‘The presence of locally interbedded airfall tuffs implies subaerial (or at least shallow-water) eruption.’
    • ‘Tectonic denudation and subaerial erosion thinned and locally eliminated the hanging-wall blocks, whose detritus was incorporated into the Tectono-Sedimentary Unit basin.’
    • ‘The general planar topography of the top-truncation surface of the Sahtan Group suggests that erosion mainly involved subaerial dissolution, in association with a gentle uplift of the carbonate platform edge.’
    • ‘This scenario requires that a narrow zone of marine shale deposition should occur while the rest of the basin was undergoing subaerial erosion.’
    • ‘The first cycle initiated in the early Paleocene and represents a transition from Cretaceous marine turbidites and shales to subaerial fluvial sandstones and conglomerates.’