Definition of styptic pencil in US English:

styptic pencil


  • A stick of a styptic substance, used to treat small cuts.

    • ‘This can spray off an injured area so you can get the styptic pencil to the actual wound and get it to stop bleeding.’
    • ‘He has previously shown signs of misanthropy and misogyny, which is expressed here in Dobel's folksy advice that ‘a styptic pencil carefully dried after every shave will last longer than most relationships’.’
    • ‘Beautiful crystals of alum, a white astringent mineral used in styptic pencils and pickle-making, can be grown out of the solvent water.’
    • ‘In the unfortunate event of ‘nicking’ yourself while shaving, simply use this brand of styptic pencil with its vessel constricting astringent properties to curb any minor bleeding.’
    • ‘A styptic pencil (the sort men use when they cut themselves shaving) is useful to stop bleeding.’
    • ‘Danny had acquired, among other things, a styptic pencil, some penny matches, a coat hanger, some city water, and a toothpick.’
    • ‘Generally, healing time for shaving nicks and cuts is significantly reduced when styptic pencils are used.’
    • ‘A styptic pencil can be a lifesaver if you have to put on a dress shirt or turtle-neck right after you shave.’
    • ‘The styptic pencil is an astringent and is antiseptic.’
    • ‘These styptic pencils have been in use since 1890 and usually consist of 90% aluminum sulfate and 10% of an inert filler.’
    • ‘This styptic pencil will quickly close off the cut and stop the bleeding.’
    • ‘Use the styptic pencil to stop the bleeding, then use the ointment to prevent infection.’
    • ‘Alum and styptic pencils can be purchased over the counter at drug stores in the first aid supply area.’
    • ‘There are three ways to control bleeding, styptic pencil or powder for very minor venous bleeding, pressure bandage for more serious venous bleeding and tourniquet for arterial bleeding.’
    • ‘I have a first aid kit with a styptic pencil but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do with it.’
    • ‘A styptic pencil is necessary if you are planning on trimming nails the old fashioned way because if you get your nail clippers too close, it can stop the bleeding.’
    • ‘Yes I do use styptic pencils and they do work well so long as the cut/gash isn't too big.’
    • ‘You can also use cornstarch or flour if you don't have styptic pencils.’


styptic pencil

/ˈstiptik ˈpensəl/