Definition of stylopized in US English:


(British stylopised)


  • (of a bee or other insect) parasitized by a stylops.

    • ‘Oncometopia nigricans is often stylopized (attacked by a strepsipteran) by an unidentified species of Halictophagidae.’
    • ‘Their common name of Stylops becomes an adjective when describing the hosts that are carrying them, hence an insect suffering from parasitism by ‘Strepsiptera’ is described as being ‘stylopised’.’
    • ‘Its looks like the stylopized hymenoptera, where the parasite is more deeply in the abdomen, with only a small protrusion of a part of the body toward outside.’
    • ‘Distribution of Caenocolax feneysi and the habitats most likely to contain stylopized host, Solenopsis invicta.’
    • ‘The female mining bee above (probably Andrena tibialis) has been stylopised by a parasite: Stylops melittae.’