Definition of styloid process in US English:

styloid process


  • A slender projection of bone, such as that from the lower surface of the temporal bone of the skull, or those at the lower ends of the ulna and radius.

    • ‘A third muscle, the styloglossus, arises from the front and lower end of the styloid process and is innervated by the twelfth cranial nerve (hypoglossal).’
    • ‘The normal course of the internal carotid artery in an adult sees the vessel enter the petrous temporal bone medial to the styloid process via the carotid canal.’
    • ‘The superficial palmer branch of the radial arises from the distal end of the radial artery at the level of the styloid process of the radius.’
    • ‘Brachioradialis arises from the lateral epicondylar ridge of the humerus and inserts onto the styloid process of the radius.’
    • ‘The ulna styloid process was readily identifiable in all children, and its identification was not limited by wrist contracture.’