Definition of stylograph in US English:



  • A kind of fountain pen having a fine perforated tube instead of a split nib.

    • ‘He used the latest inventions: the stylograph, so that as he wrote one letter delicate levers attached to his pen moved other pens to make copies - no need for a clerk.’
    • ‘I stood the stylograph as long as I could, and then retired to the pencil.’
    • ‘The Hamburg-based company initially made stylographs, but eventually became famous for their impeccable technical drawing pens and pencils.’
    • ‘I'm having the worst time of my life drawing with stylographs and pencils, As this Constructive design class I'm having is tough as hell.’
    • ‘The aluminum used to make the stylograph has a more tactile feel thus providing a better grip and writing precision.’


Mid 19th century: from stylus + -graph.