Definition of stylization in US English:


(British stylisation)


  • See stylize

    • ‘Substance has been replaced by ego, appropriation, parody and clichéd stylization.’
    • ‘Moderate stylization and antirealism that falls short of true expressionism is sometimes enough to soothe congruous crudity into an effectively intensified sensibility, if the idiom is correct.’
    • ‘Lambert's chalk pastel illustrations with friendly rounded stylisations, and deep, tonally harmonious colours, share the suggestiveness and gentleness of Almond's text.’
    • ‘In his distinctive art, epitomised by this modest work on the cusp of maturity, Colquhoun combined the stylisation of his Celtic roots with the influence of modernism, particularly that of France.’
    • ‘Wilson tends to over-employ directing and storytelling tricks, any one of which would normally overpower this low budget movie with their noticeable artistic stylization.’