Definition of stylistics in US English:


plural noun

  • treated as singular The study of the distinctive styles found in particular literary genres and in the works of individual writers.

    • ‘What are the internal components and stylistics that require these designations?’
    • ‘The black vernacular stylistics that distinguish Madhubuti's poetic career figure prominently.’
    • ‘The Elegy problem presents computational stylistics with some interesting possibilities.’
    • ‘The novel Ulysses is rich in liturgical references, Latin phrases, and catechetical stylistics.’
    • ‘In exploring the relationship between Emerson, Whitman, and Li-Young Lee, Partridge asserts that Lee as an artist is nourished by the stylistics of Emerson's and Whitman's transcendentalism.’
    • ‘Theories of a historical baroque period, as well as those of a resurgence of baroque ideology and stylistics, are both valid.’
    • ‘There is nothing ‘intelligent’ or ‘well-crafted’ about the film's stylistics.’
    • ‘By deliberately adopting the stylistics of sentimentality in his screenplay, Cameron recalls yet another, less cynical time in Titanic.’
    • ‘He became known chiefly for his research work and academic career in English language studies, in such fields as intonation and stylistics, and in the application of linguistics to religious, educational and clinical contexts.’
    • ‘The stylistics are invitations to readerly involvement.’