Definition of stylar in US English:



  • Relating to the style or styles of a flower.

    • ‘Ovule position was determined by counting each ovule from the stylar end (closest to the style) to the basal end (closest to the peduncle) of the ovary.’
    • ‘Then they conjugated the quantum dots with the amine groups of stigma / stylar cysteine-rich adhesin - a plant pollen tube adhesion protein.’
    • ‘Other barriers may also exist because xylem-mobile safranin failed to enter the ovary although the xylem passes around the nucellus and into the stylar tissue.’
    • ‘A small cross-incision was made with a scalpel on the stylar remnant, which is the end link point of the dorsal vascular bundles.’
    • ‘Sections located on the stylar half contain ovules with a low probability of seed abortion, while sections 3 and 4 have a high probability of seed abortion.’