Definition of stutter tone in US English:

stutter tone


  • A dial tone interrupted by several short gaps, indicating the arrival of new voicemail messages to the user.

    • ‘You must remember to deactivate Call Forwarding by dialing * 73 and waiting for a stutter tone or stuttering dial tone.’
    • ‘The User hears a stutter tone when he/she goes off hook and there is a message waiting.’
    • ‘After a stutter tone or stuttering dial tone, the system will automatically place a courtesy call to the forward-to number.’
    • ‘The detect circuit 240 is capable of detecting the stutter tone by sampling the external line 150 at an equal or higher frequency than the stutter dial tone.’
    • ‘If you had unplayed messages at the time of the power outage, you will not hear a stutter tone or see a flashing light.’
    • ‘While the user is actively in a conversation, he will hear a special stutter tone if there is another incoming call.’
    • ‘If your fax machine is not connecting to the receiving fax machine try disabling or clearing any stutter tones that may be present on the line.’
    • ‘What was more confusing was that as long as that feature was on the indicator didn't work even though stutter tones were present.’
    • ‘I have no voice mail indicator light on my phone or any stutter tones when voice mail is left for me.’
    • ‘After a speed call slot has been successfully provisioned, the subscriber will again receive the stutter tone to signify that the speed call slot was successfully provisioned.’
    • ‘I was able to setup the phonemail but every 2 hours or so I would get the phone 1 flashing, with stutter tones, and no message received.’
    • ‘For message notification, our voice messaging provides an effective alternative to stutter tones or message waiting indicator lamps.’
    • ‘However, if you attempt to use a modem and the stutter tone is in effect, you will not be able to dial out.’
    • ‘When you pick up the receiver, the stutter tone will notify you with three quick beeps if you have a voice mail message.’
    • ‘If you have voice mail that uses a ‘stutter’ dial tone to indicate messages, you may want to disable the Wait for dial tone before dialing option, since stutter tones are not always detected as a dial tone by modems.’
    • ‘Single line phones may have voice mail lights, or, you may want to use the stutter tone so you know you have a message.’
    • ‘You will hear a few stutter tones followed by a dial tone; once you hear the steady dial tone, dial the number you want your calls forwarded to’