Definition of stuntwoman in US English:



  • A woman employed to take the place of an actor or actress in performing dangerous stunts.

    ‘she wisely called in a stuntwoman to take her fall’
    • ‘Her co-star in wisely called in a stuntwoman to take her fall.’
    • ‘They have eight different categories that you can win, like best fight, best firework, and best overall stunt by a stuntwoman or a stuntman.’
    • ‘She first appeared in films as a skier, then moved on to become a stuntwoman.’
    • ‘She is a stuntwoman who makes her living standing in for the star when the script calls for something acrobatic or dangerous.’
    • ‘Ex British Lion and former player of the year Martin Bayfield will be taking part as well as 007 stuntwoman and champion powerboat racer Sarah Donohue’
    • ‘There was a moment when Meg's stuntwoman was just lying there, and I realise now that she was waiting for me to say ‘cut!’’
    • ‘This scene was earlier supposed to be done by a body double and a stuntwoman.’
    • ‘Joanne Ginley spoke to stuntwoman Abbi Collins about making actors look good when the director shouts ‘Action’.’
    • ‘Jumping out of an airplane or fighting with an enemy spy is all in a day's work for Amanda Foster, England's first and only Black stuntwoman.’
    • ‘But, I refused to use a body double and stuntwoman and did the action scene all by myself.’
    • ‘I'm always looking for a new skill to master so I can be more marketable as a stuntwoman.’
    • ‘Running parallel to her career as an athlete, she's also a much-in-demand stuntwoman.’
    • ‘I mean, I didn't grow up with the intention of being a stuntman, you know, or stuntwoman, I should say.’
    • ‘She was always a keen horse rider and extreme sports fan, but didn't dream of a life as a stuntwoman.’
    • ‘Others competing for the Wedgwood Blue Ice Trophy include Australian stuntwoman Helen Lee, a former South African rugby international and a production director for ITV.’
    • ‘Finding that she liked the physical end of acting, she decided to pursue a career as a stuntwoman.’
    • ‘Zoe Bell, on the other hand, is a hot, new stuntwoman who is still struggling with the ins and outs of the competitive industry.’