Definition of stunt casting in US English:

stunt casting


  • The casting of a very famous actor or other celebrity as a guest star in a movie or TV show, in order to garner publicity.

    ‘stunts aside, there's a bit of stunt casting in the picture that has also attracted attention’
    • ‘That description alone makes it a much bigger must-see than Naked Lies, a film that can't offer stunt casting or equally outrageous scenarios to sell its spongy, smoggy storyline.’
    • ‘That's either the worst piece of stunt casting in the last decade or a really brilliant idea.’
    • ‘There's more stunt casting to be found on Channel 4 this week, with another comedian, Eddie Izzard, playing another dramatic role in Bryan Elsey's 40.’
    • ‘It doesn't succeed with special effects and stunt casting.’
    • ‘The second moment is also a bit of stunt casting, the use of another performer to remove the shame and staleness from Dorf and hopefully inject some much needed vim into this vigorless void.’
    • ‘These actors forge a nice bridge between the two shows and their appearances never feel like gimmicks or stunt casting.’
    • ‘The film's wildly uneven, but there's no disputing Argento's bravura or flair for stunt casting (Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda, Ornella Muti and Marilyn Manson all contribute memorable turns).’
    • ‘It could've been condescending, an act of pure stunt casting, and just turned out insulting and wrong.’
    • ‘And there's some surprise stunt casting in a very small part deep in the second act.’
    • ‘The fact that she's played by Koshashvili's own mother - an act of stunt casting that's either tremendously brave or completely insane - adds another intriguing level to this harrowing, riveting film.’
    • ‘‘There is a responsibility to put bums on seats, but we are not into stunt casting,’ he added.’
    • ‘The first year CBS did a lot of little stunt casting, because I played a sports writer.’
    • ‘This stunt casting might be selling tickets to the tourists, but no one's sold.’
    • ‘This was one of those theaters that imports TV stars to intermingle with local actors and if you look over their list of past productions, you'll see some fascinating bits of stunt casting.’
    • ‘This is a serviceable Western hampered by the unchanged story aspects of a thousand horse operas and some peculiar and unnecessary stunt casting.’
    • ‘Rather than falling into the trap of stunt castings, the two actors give X-Men a feeling of weight and respectability the movie needed.’
    • ‘In his third production of the play, Hall draws out that dreamlike quality with mesmerising force, shunning stunt casting or tricks for a beautifully clear production.’
    • ‘Currently into its third season, American Dreams has garnered attention for the stunt casting of real-life stars in the roles of authentic musical performers on the show.’
    • ‘The stunt casting of some of the top actresses in French cinema is at once exhilarating (you feel worlds are colliding) and frustrating (you're almost always aware of the star's persona).’
    • ‘I would hate to think that it feels like stunt casting.’