Definition of stumpy in US English:


adjectivestumpiest, stumpier

  • Short and thick; squat.

    ‘weak stumpy legs’
    • ‘These days Satch luxuriates in his own back garden and gets plenty of exercise when the babies chase him, trying to grab hold of his stumpy but ever-wagging tail.’
    • ‘The hard, leathery tail is short, cylindrical, and stumpy and it is marked by a series of distinct rings.’
    • ‘Mrs. Bauer's stumpy frame is shaken by shuddering sobs and her little girl, hanging onto her skirt, looks up with a puckered face, ready to cry with her mother.’
    • ‘The tall officer told the short stumpy man to take her son, Jared, somewhere else as he took care of her, himself.’
    • ‘It certainly looks a lot smaller than the lofty Range Rover, but parked next to one its appearance is more stumpy than stunted.’
    • ‘His stumpy tail held aloft is unmistakable even in the dark.’
    • ‘His stumpy fingernails were painted with a shiny clear nail polish with sliver glitter in it…’
    • ‘Seabiscuit was a stumpy nag that looked set for the knackery until it was teamed with one-eyed jockey-cum-boxer Red Pollard.’
    • ‘There are filmy ferns, and more jagged ferns, ferns which look like moss, and the stumpy Mexican tree fern, Cybotium scheidei, which never grows very tall.’
    • ‘It is topped by a stumpy, Lego-like lighthouse where a keeper and his family lived until 1987, when they were replaced by a light bulb.’
    • ‘Two figures were silhouetted in the entrance, one short and stumpy, the other tall and lithe.’
    • ‘But, to my surprise, there was my dog, wagging her stumpy little tail and walking over to greet me.’
    • ‘Vines with yawning purple flowers clung to the walls, and thick, stumpy trees guarded the back of the house.’
    • ‘The scrawny, stumpy plants - in winter a mass of black aimless twigs with a few odd drops of white fiber still clinging to them - is hardly pure or virgin.’
    • ‘I could start out by noting that the proportions of this outfit are totally, totally off: the long shirt/cuffed jeans/short boots makes her look outrageously stumpy.’
    • ‘I'd pay to see that, though my legs were always too stumpy to make it up the Tower stairs.’
    • ‘I saw it, a grin and a nod, from the most senior of them a skinny 15 year old kid with stumpy dreads I exhaled with relief.’
    • ‘You have to try this, he said, pouring me a taste of the Scottish Hendrick's Gin from a cute, dark, stumpy little bottle I had actually been admiring, purely from a visual perspective, earlier.’
    • ‘Mascara is the great Houdini of the make-up world, transforming lashes from sparse and stumpy to luxurious and lovely.’
    • ‘I've just drained the last few drops from the bottle, all that remains are the few beads of condensation that cling to the outside of the stumpy brown empty vessel.’
    short, stubby, squat, stunted
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