Definition of stumbling block in English:

stumbling block


  • A circumstance that causes difficulty or hesitation.

    ‘bashfulness is a great stumbling block to some men’
    • ‘Within a framework of spirituality, differences cease to be stumbling blocks and become a source of stimulation and enrichment.’
    • ‘The principal stumbling blocks to implementation were engineering problems, he said.’
    • ‘In realising and recognising that these markers are not as enormous as we once believed, we turn them from stumbling blocks to stepping stones, on our way to the wider future.’
    • ‘In Scotland we need this sense of continuity to preserve a sense of our own identity in the face of all the stumbling blocks that have been put in our way over the last three centuries.’
    • ‘The next stumbling blocks are two major federal review processes which could take over a year to complete, but have yet to get formally underway.’
    • ‘One of the stumbling blocks is that the Indian government has not signed any international conventions dealing with children abducted by a parent.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, one of the main stumbling blocks here is the humour, always a difficult element to shoehorn into music.’
    • ‘The solution therefore lies not in creating another religion based on hatred, but in removing the stumbling blocks to religious amity.’
    • ‘Despite the stumbling blocks, government sources on both sides believe genuine efforts have been made by all parties to secure a solution.’
    • ‘But hotel consultant Stephen Hughes said, after some stumbling blocks, they have created a much better hotel than they imagined.’
    • ‘Of course there are pains, pitfalls and stumbling blocks, but we have hope.’
    • ‘One of the major findings was that the high cost of accommodation was proving significant stumbling blocks in the development of the tourism industry in Kerry.’
    • ‘There were real stumbling blocks before preventing talks and then hindering them when they were attempted.’
    • ‘The chaotic transport conditions coupled with archaic port facilities are major stumbling blocks.’
    • ‘He said most of the stumbling blocks facing development in Sligo are planning problems, not anti-development sentiment.’
    • ‘Cash constraints, stadium set-backs and league politics are among the most recent stumbling blocks.’
    • ‘A major stumbling block for many investors is dealing with the investments heading south.’
    • ‘He knows there will be stumbling blocks, plenty of pitfalls awaiting.’
    • ‘Be careful not to create any unnecessary stumbling blocks.’
    • ‘It is also true; the road leading to return of pandits to Kashmir is now laden with a lot of stumbling blocks and obstacles.’
    obstacle, hurdle, barrier, bar, hindrance, impediment, handicap, disadvantage, restriction, limitation
    snag, hitch, catch, drawback, difficulty, problem, issue, weakness, defect, pitfall, complication
    fly in the ointment, hiccup, facer
    spanner in the works
    monkey wrench in the works
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stumbling block

/ˈstəmb(ə)liNG ˌbläk/