Definition of student driver in US English:

student driver


North American
  • A person who is receiving formal instruction in how to drive a motor vehicle and has not yet passed a driving test.

    ‘the driver was attempting to pass a student driver in the northbound lane’
    • ‘A blasé student driver was dodging gnarled traffic without ever loosening her grip on her cell phone.’
    • ‘Traffic violators were significantly more likely to have been exposed to risky driving behavior than were the student drivers.’
    • ‘Only 7.9% of the participants had their learners permit (which enables student drivers to actually get behind the wheel when accompanied by a licensed adult driver).’
    • ‘Across Poland, it is difficult to find a major road without cars bearing telltale blue signs on the roofs: an "L" for student driver.’
    • ‘Nobody was hurt and we don't actually know who was behind the wheel, whether it was a student driver or not.’
    • ‘As in the findings for student drivers, males reported a higher confidence level in their driving than did females.’
    • ‘I get stuck behind some student driver tootling along at 25 mph.’
    • ‘No one wants to be cut off, tailgated or buzzed a little too closely by a student driver at 300m.’
    • ‘This type of traffic school is available to persons who have received a traffic citation and is different from the courses offered for student drivers.’
    • ‘This supports the concept that student drivers are influenced by what they actually experience on the road, as much as, if not more than, what they are currently taught in driving classes.’